Unforgettable Hotels – explora Valle Sagrado

Front Porch

This remarkable hotel – explora Valle Sagrado with unending views is located in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Unlike other hotels, the goal is getting guests off of the property, and exploring the area.  See the full review HERE.

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Atop Machu Picchu in Peru

Peru’s Sacred Valley – It’s More Than Machu Picchu

Atop Machu Picchu in Peru

Say the words Machu Picchu, and even folks who have never been there, seem to get taken with a sense of excitement.

There’s a wow factor. Perched between the Andes and the Amazon, it’s a beautiful setting, with, one might say, a flair for the dramatic. And from the historical perspective many agree it’s the legacy of the Inca civilization. Exploring is fun, you will no doubt run into one of the nearly 20 resident llamas that not only seem to think nothing of all the visitors, but seem to have a knack for posing in pictures with them.

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