Camel on the beach in Cabo San Lucas

Searching for Sun? Getaway to Cabo San Lucas


cabo-archWith the weather getting colder in many parts and the stress of the holidays kicking in, getting out of town might sound like a good idea right about now.

Luckily, long, sunny days are waiting in Cabo San Lucas..

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Beluga whale tail

Travels to Where Wonderful Wild Things Are

Think about your last vacation. How did you decide where you wanted to go? Was it the sun? The food? Or maybe some of the sights you’d see along the way?Traditionally, when it comes to traveling, it’s about the destination. But sometimes it’s the residents of a destination – the wild locals so to speak – that can make a trip.

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BottleRockNapaValley 2016

Summer Musts in the San Francisco Bay Area

BottleRockNapaValley 2016

Long, sunny weekends are popular times for folks to head out of town, but Bay Area residents need to stick close to home this summer, at least for a few days. Everyone likes to getaway, myself included, but don’t forget to take advantage of your own backyard. Memorial Day weekend serves as the kickoff for summer, and this year it seems like there’s even more must dos on the list.

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Paso Robles Wine Country

Northern California Wine Country Getaways

Spring is here. Time to start taking advantage of those weekends. If you live close to Northern California wine country, it’s a timely reminder of all the great getaway spots we have around the Bay Area. If you’re traveling from a distance, it’s the time of year that will convince you to book a trip. Spring break is winding down and summer vacation still seems … Continue reading Northern California Wine Country Getaways