SkyRide on Carnival Vista

Carnival Vista Makes Seeing Europe Easy

Carnival Vista in Turkish port of Kusadasi

Summer vacation season is officially underway and cruising seems to be more popular than ever. And the debut of more new cruise ships means travelers can sail to ports around the world like never before.

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Danube at night in Budapest

Melodies of the Danube with AmaSerena

When you plan a big trip to a place like Europe, you want to do it all, but living out of a suitcase, as you move from place to place takes work. So how can you see the sights without running out of steam? It might be time to give river cruising a try..

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Hawaiian Turtle in water

Set Sail in Hawaii

One of the toughest things about planning a trip to Hawaii is deciding where to visit. Flights between the islands can get pricey and eat up valuable vacation time. So how do you cover a lot of ground without coming home feeling like you need a vacation? Small ship cruising has a huge advantage when it comes to travel because you can unpack once and wake up just about every morning in a new spot.

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Sunrise at Travaasa Hana

Why We Travel

Sunrise at Travaasa Hana

Think about your last vacation. How did you decide where you wanted to go? Was it the destination? The climate? Maybe even the food?

Traditionally, when it comes to traveling, it’s about the destination. You may decide, I’d really like to go to see Hawaii, so you book plane tickets and then start looking at the all the options and activities you have to choose from while you’re there.

But more and more, it’s the activity or even the food that’s the inspiration for the travel.

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