colorful cocktails at Dulce Patria

There’s Much to Love in Mexico City

trajineras in Xochimilco, Mexico City

Mexico City is all the buzz these days, but for folks who are used to Mexico’s beach scene, it might as well be a whole new world.

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Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area, Oregon

Escape to Oregon’s Central Coast

Cape Lookout State Park, Oregon

Wine, beaches, hiking, good eats like fresh Dungeness crab.

Now, that I’ve got your attention.. let’s dig into Oregon’s Central Coast…

The hop to Portland is an easy one for Bay Area folks. Most folks will fly into Portland. From there it takes about two hours to get to the Central Coast.

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Fresh cut tulips

Make Room for Maastricht During Your Holland Visit

Maastricht view with water

When most travelers think of the Netherlands, they think of Amsterdam. From tulips to canals and museums, its popularity is well deserved. But there’s more to Holland than just one city.

Holland’s a relatively small country so wandering doesn’t require much time. A little over two hours by car or train is Maastricht, one of the oldest cities in Holland.

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Sunrise at Travaasa Hana

Why We Travel

Sunrise at Travaasa Hana

Think about your last vacation. How did you decide where you wanted to go? Was it the destination? The climate? Maybe even the food?

Traditionally, when it comes to traveling, it’s about the destination. You may decide, I’d really like to go to see Hawaii, so you book plane tickets and then start looking at the all the options and activities you have to choose from while you’re there.

But more and more, it’s the activity or even the food that’s the inspiration for the travel.

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