Pretty Places Friday – We Bike Athens

We had explored Ephesus in a heavy thunderstorm, walked in grooves formed by chariot wheels in the streets of Pompeii, thrown a coin in the Trevi Fountain and climbed 414 steps to the top of the Campanile (Giotto’s Tower) for a bird’s-eye view of Florence. As family vacations go, our European adventure was a complete success. Athens was the final stop on a 10-day European cruise aboard Carnival’s new ship, Vista, and we were happily exhausted. Wanting to see Athens, but also wanting to be sure the vacation ended on a high note, I needed something with a little pizzazz for our final stop. We Bike Athens, complete with high-tech, easy-pedal e-bikes, let us tackle the ups and downs of Athens without ever breaking a sweat.  Read more HERE.postcard-we-bike-athens-1.

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