Travel Tuesday – Ecuadorian Rainforest

We’re eating breakfast at a table topped with white linen, overlooking 3,200 acres of Ecuador’s Choco-Andean cloud forest. A colorful Choco toucan chirps in a nearby tree. “Nothing is impossible,” says our guide, Anderson, and I am inclined to believe him.  Read more HERE.

  • You’ll like it here if: you’re the type of person who gets excited by the idea of sleeping soundly in the middle of the rainforest, surrounded by waterfalls, butterflies, hummingbirds.
  • The crowd: Folks from all over the world come to Mashpi with a friendly and adventurous. They’re kind of people who want to learn about the rainforest at the source.
  • You’ll know you’re in the Ecuadorian rainforest: when you get excited about the kind of bugs you’d normally run away from.
  • Pro tip: Don’t worry about the rain or getting wet. The staff at Mashpi is there to help dry out all your wet hiking clothes.

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