camels in Cabo

Escape to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas at sunrise

If you want quick and easy, with plenty of sunshine, it’s tough to go wrong with a trip to Cabo San Lucas.

Flights are plentiful. Cruise ships love Cabo San Lucas. My cruise out of Long Beach, California (near Los Angeles) with Carnival Cruise Line came with two days in port in Cabo. That left plenty of time for the beach or one of the many of tours and activities. For obvious reasons, many are tied to the water and the coast.

Cabo San Lucas, Medano Beach

From Medano Beach (one of the area’s few swimmable beaches) Cabo’s famous Arch, known as Land’s End, is an easy boat ride. Jump in a water taxi, (if you can get one with a glass bottom that adds to the scenery) or you can easily book tours right from the sand or marina area. You’ll cruise around the arch and the sea lion colony. Some boats will drop you at the beach for short visit, others include snorkeling at Pelican Rock. The water is clear; the fish are colorful and plentiful, thanks to the occasional tortilla or two that seem to wind up in the water.

whale watching in Cabo

People aren’t Cabo’s only winter visitors. Mid-December through mid-April you don’t have to leave sight of the coast to watch the humpback whales that come to town. Once you pass the arch, you need to keep your eyes open because you never know when one will pop up. Whale watching boats run numerous times a day from the marina area. Smaller zodiac style boats move a little faster, and may get you a bit closer. Larger boats will give you a smoother ride and offers amenities like bathrooms and perks like food and drink.

camels in Cabo

Crowds aren’t the only ones taking over Cabo’s beaches these days. How about strolling the surf on a camel? We’ve all heard of horseback rides on the beach, but camels were a new one, at least to me. Cabo Adventures has 15 camels, four of which are rescues. The camels have a four-day work week, followed by two days off. After your ride, there’s typically lunch and tequilla tasting.

off-road adventures in Cabo San Lucas

If you’re the type that prefers to move a little faster, can the camels and book an off-road excursion with Cabo Adventures. You will get dusty and dirty. There’s a good chance you’ll also get wet, but you’ll have a good time as you race along trails in desert-like stretches of Baja. One person drives the Polaris UTV, the other just hangs on. And I truly mean hangs on. There’s a bar to grip as you bounce along, and believe me you do bounce. Every bit of your body will shake. After plenty of twists, turns, and stream crossings, you’ll find your way to the beach.

Tours are run in a stretch of Baja know as Elias Calles, about 40 minutes northwest of Cabo San Lucas.

Drivers have to be 18 and have a license, but kids five and up can ride along. Wearing pants and sneakers isn’t a bad idea. Tour guides fit you with helmets, goggles and provide bandanas to wear across your nose and mouth.

Dana’s trip to Cabo San Lucas was hosted by Carnival Cruise Lines.

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