Golden Gate Bridge

The Window Seat – Vancouver to San Francisco

Everyone was on board and buckled in. The airplane door was closed, and I was thrilled to have an open seat next to me. Than the pilot clicked on. The plane had a flat tire and we were looking at a two hour delay leaving Vancouver.

Not the end of the world, unless you only have an hour to make a connection, and that connection is the last one of the day. Argh!

After tweets, a phone call and a lot of waiting, I was re-routed to San Francisco. I’d have to take a two-hour bus ride to get home, but at least I would be home to sleep in my own bed.

Vancouver window seat view
Shortly after take-off from Vancouver.

I was the last person to board the flight, (airline representatives actually walked me to the gate and made sure I made it on the plane) and was assigned a window seat.

Vancouver window seat view
Some Vancouver clouds.

If you’re flying schedule has to fall apart, some amazing scenery can certainly soften the blow.

Window seat view of Vancouver
Vancouver blue skies.

Coming into the San Francisco Bay Area was just as sunny and clear.

Windown Seat view of San Francisco
San Francisco view from the window seat.

I landed in the thick of rush hour, so the bus ride home was slow going, but the sun was setting as we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge at sunset.

I snapped as many shots as I could, but these were my favorites.

Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge close-up.


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