Camel on the beach in Cabo San Lucas

Searching for Sun? Getaway to Cabo San Lucas


cabo-archWith the weather getting colder in many parts and the stress of the holidays kicking in, getting out of town might sound like a good idea right about now.

Luckily, long, sunny days are waiting in Cabo San Lucas..

Sunrise Cabo San Lucas

Rise & Shine

With a fairly well-known reputation for its nightlife, Cabo San Lucas really got its start as a quiet fishing spot. So even if you stay up late, you’re going to want to get up early, at least one day, and head to Medano Beach to watch the parade of boats head out for the day. It’s morning rush hour, Cabo style. Since you’re up, take a walk (and swim too) on Medano Beach and enjoy the peace before the crowds take over the sand.


See & Snorkel the Arch

From Medano Beach, Cabo’s famous Arch, also known as Land’s End, is mere minutes away. Jump in a water taxi (some have glass bottoms) or book with a tour company, but be sure to get out on the water. The view from the sand is good, but it’s even better from a boat. Close-up, you’ll see Lover’s Beach, sea lions and pelicans. If you have the time, book a ride that includes snorkeling at Pelican Rock. The water is clear, and the fish are colorful and plentiful, thanks to the occasional tortilla that seem to wind up in the water.

Camel on the beach in Cabo San Lucas

Camels in Cabo

Crowds aren’t the only ones taking over Cabo’s beaches these days. How about strolling the surf on a camel? We’ve all heard of horseback rides on the beach, but camels will most certainly having you scratching your head and asking why. The rides are run by a tour group called Cabo Adventures and all 14 of the beach resident camels are rescues, many from the United States. There is even a photo-op moment before the ride, where you can kiss a camel.

And because it’s Cabo, there’s a tequila tasting after the ride.

Swimming with whale sharks in La Paz

Swim with Whale Sharks

Cabo’s location lends itself to some adrenaline inducing daytrips, especially if you like spending your days wet. How about swimming with whale sharks?

They’re harmless, toothless, plankton eaters, so they’re no threat to humans, other than providing a good workout. Whale sharks tend to swim close to the surface, so when your boat captain sees one, they line up their boat and when they say go, you jump in and swim alongside for as long as you can keep up.

It’s a bit like finding a moving needle in a haystack, but when you find yourself kicking next to one, you won’t have anything to complain about.

Review and photos by Dana Rebmann.

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