The Window Seat – Montego Bay, Jamaica

I’m an aisle seat kind of girl. I need to be able to get up and move around. But I also know there are times that I miss out on some of the best views the scenic skies have to offer. On a recent trip from Sonoma County, California to Montego Bay, Jamaica, relatively empty flights, offered the best of both worlds. Sunsets and space are a winning combination!

Runway sunset

Boarding view at the Charles M. Schulz-Sonoma County Airport (STS).

Sunset over Sonoma County wine country

Just after take off from Sonoma County wine country.

LAX after sunset

Darkness over Los Angeles.

Moon and clouds

Moon shining bright.

Jamaica from the window seat

Jamaica in my sights.

Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton from above

Lucky shot of my hotel for the trip, the Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort & Spa.

Photos by Dana Rebmann. Her stay was hosted by the Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton.


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