The Window Seat – Telluride, Colorado

I always ask for an aisle seat when I fly. It’s more comfortable to me and I like the freedom of being able to get up without bothering those around me. But every now and then I wind up in a window seat.. and I’m reminded of the perks that come it.

Chasing the sunrise from Santa Rosa (STS) to Telluride via Montrose Regional Airport (MTJ).

Leaving STS

Snow and blue skies.

Flying to Telluride 4

I just kept shooting.

Flying to Telluride 3

The snowy views kept changing.

Flying to Telluride 2

This one is probably my favorite.

Flying to Telluride 5

Montrose Regional Airport view from the tarmac. Yeah, one of those few airport gems where you still get to walk onto the tarmac.

Montrose Airport Tarmac

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